As the internet, phone and camera functionalities move from PCs, laptops to smart mobile devices, the need to keep your business updated is more than ever. Recent years have seen a massive shift in the usage pattern of mobile phone as mobile applications play a vital role in it. Be it a memory app, travel app or any other category. If you can think it, an app can be made for it.

We exist to make it easy for you to get your Android application developed and deployed. We have a collection of world class user interface designers and coders with relevant experience. Our team drives the analysis, analytics and integration of Android Application Development projects and can create a world class apps for Android.

As an Android Application development company, Pune, Geeky Works is actively involved in developing Android applications that are technically accurate and visibly beautiful. From taking a mobile application development project from a scratch or adding features to an already existing Android application, we have the right design and technical experience that guarantees successful completion of your project.
Multi-Platform Exposure :

Android application development task requires exposure to different languages and user interface experiences. It gives us the freedom to build custom apps that are native to each platform.

Our Android based mobile apps are designed with a simple philosophy in mind – information in the right hands, has the power to change. So, if you are looking to enhance your existing Android applications or want a completely new one to be developed and deployed within a strict deadline, let us know by clicking here.

We have :

  1. Excellent user interface designers
  2. Cost effective development process
  3. Experienced android app developers
  4. Smooth functionality across different android devices
  5. Expertise to develop Android applications across a large number of categories
  6. Willingness to sign NDA with you to keep your unique ideas safe and under your copyright